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Hikes, walks between land, sea and marshes
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Ouvert du 01/04/2023 au 30/09/2023

Actualité : détail : Hikes, walks between land, sea and marshes

The port of Biganos

Just 1.5 kilometers from Le Marache campsite is the bucolic and picturesque port of Biganos.
It is on the look of postcards between river and forest that appear magnificent little fishing huts, each more colorful than the other, to the delight of painters and photographers. Many routes and hikes pass along this small port with the essential way of Saint Jacques de Compostela.

Total change of scenery with Sandra and all her Courant d'Eyre team who, with the help of their canoes, kayaks or paddles, will take you down the "little Amazon" and explore the Leyre delta from early May to mid-October.

If you prefer hard ground: Courant d'Eyre has thought of you with an outdoor escape game where your mission will be to solve the puzzles in less than 1h30 and save the world !
Along the water and on land, solve fun and captivating puzzles that will allow you to discover the combination of the Leyre safe. And for the children? A free treasure hunt !

The Domaines de Titre and Graveyron

Located in the commune of Audenge, the Domaines de Certes and Graveyron extend over 545 hectares.
They present dammed salt meadows, salt marshes, fish breeding ponds, wet meadows and of course, an incredible diversity of fauna and flora. Fresh water and salt water mingle and the landscapes change connected by superb beaches.
Two circuits to choose from are offered from the reception of the domain:

Loop of Certainly
Over 9.3 km it extends to Lanton Bay. This magnificent estate can be proud of a superb historical monument, the “Château de Chantement” Built in the 18th century by the Marquis de Civrac, this building was rebuilt around 1840 by Ernest Valeton de Boissière and partially restored in 2004. It is listed, along with its park, in the Supplementary Inventory of Historic Monuments. Although not open to the public, it remains visible along this walk.

Graveyron Loop
6.2 km long, it runs along the port of Audenge and allows you to visit the two ports: yachting and oyster farming. You will then be able to taste oysters and fish from the local fishery directly on the port, like at cabin n°8 “Chez Bernard” for example. The owner of the premises will be happy to serve you his freshly caught fish of the day as well as oysters from his parks ranging from the Grand Banc to the Banc d'Arguin, an essential place for oyster farming in the Arcachon basin.

The Teich ornithological reserve

Another must-see site in the Arcachon basin for nature lovers is the Teich Ornithological Reserve.

Bathed by the Leyre river on one side and the basin on the other, the visit of the park is done on foot, along a 6 km loop path.
All the landscapes of the Ornithological Reserve of Teich are crossed or skirted by the path which allows a discovery of the whole site and its surroundings. This magnificent preserved and landscaped natural area will allow you, thanks to many small "camouflaged posts or lookouts", to approach and observe a multitude of birds, animals, or insects of the local fauna.

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