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Explore the Bassin d'Arcachon with Your Faithful Companion
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Ouvert du 01/04/2024 au 30/09/2024

Actualité : détail : Explore the Bassin d'Arcachon with Your Faithful Companion

The Bassin d'Arcachon, with its golden beaches, picturesque coastal trails, and natural beauty, provides an ideal backdrop for memorable outings with your dog. Let's explore together some of the best activities and places where you can fully enjoy this magnificent region in the company of your loyal four-legged friend.

Let's head to the Beach!

By prefectural decree, dogs are prohibited on all beaches of the Bassin d'Arcachon during the summer from June 1 to September 15, both day and night (risk of fines with frequent checks). To explore the beaches of the Bassin d'Arcachon with your canine companion in peace, here is our guide to specific regulations on beaches allowing the presence of dogs:

  • Arcachon: Permission for dogs on beaches from October 1 to April 30.chien à la plage
  • Arès: Dogs are welcome on the beach from September 16 to June 14.
  • Audenge: Dogs allowed on a leash at Domaine de Certes and Graveyron. Restricted access to the Lanton bathing basin, but allowed on a leash at the Audenge bathing basin.
  • Lanton: Permission for dogs on a leash on the coastal path.
  • Gujan Mestras: Dogs are welcome on a leash on the coastal path, Chêneraie Park, and Lake Magdeleine.
  • La Teste de Buch: Ocean beach accessible year-round: La Salie Sud (2023: access prohibited due to fires).
  • Dune du Pilat: Dogs tolerated on a leash.
  • Le Teich: Dogs allowed on a leash on the coastal path, beaches, and dunes supporting the dikes.
  • Lège-Cap Ferret: Dogs prohibited on all beaches (Bassin and Ocean) all year round.

Dog-Friendly Parks and Gardens

For a more relaxed outing, explore parks and gardens that happily welcome dogs. The Mauresque Park in Arcachon and the Chêneraie Park in Gujan-Mestras are perfect places for a break in the shade of trees.

Coastal Hiking Trails

Hiking enthusiasts will appreciate the numerous coastal trails offering breathtaking views of the Bassin. The Cap Ferret Coastal Trail is highly recommended, providing stunning landscapes while giving your dog the opportunity to stretch its legs.


Aquatic Activities

If your dog loves water, don't miss water activities tailored for dogs. Some local businesses offer boat excursions, such as UBA or Passe Marée, where dogs are welcome, providing a unique experience.

Practical Tips

  • Respect local rules regarding specific hours when dogs are allowed.
  • Use a leash in designated areas if necessary to ensure the safety of your dog and other vacationers.
  • Be responsible for cleanliness by bringing bags for your dog's waste.

It is important to note that regulations may change, so be sure to check specific rules for each beach with local authorities or tourist offices. On-site information boards are also an excellent resource for up-to-date information.

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